A new home has been found. Welcome to New Kestria

Life was never peaceful in the old southern kingdoms. Rarely did they fight among themselves for the vast empire of Untar to the north gave too much hassle for them to turn at each other’s throats. Three kingdoms made up the south; Kestria, a land of god-touched monarchs and an impressive army; Vaskyre, rich in farmland but too often were their King’s being killed or deposed for them to amass soldiers proficient to take on their neighbors; and lastly, the Fae lands of Glendlyrr, also called the Moon Glen, where the Elves ruled absolute but maintained a peaceful kingdom through the centuries.

Untar to the north was an empire whose sole purpose was to conquer and force the entire continent to bend to their will. It is hard to say who the Untarians were, as a founding people, for their population now consists of every conquered land and have mixed enough for it to be an eclectic assortment of people. Those they conquer are forced into slavery, whether it is servitude, manual labor or forced into soldiery.

Long did the southern kingdoms hold out against Untar, through combined forces and natural environment giving them defensive positioning. For the first time in history Kestria accepted the union proposal with Vaskyre. With the wedding of their children they would unite as one human kingdom and with help from the Fae they felt they were safe. So annoyed by their resistance Untar turned full force to the south and every town, city or farm they came across they burned, pillaged and salted the fields. They no longer cared about ruling the south, they simply wanted the thorn out of their side. They knew in the next 10 or 20 years, they’d still be around to cultivate the land to production again. Until then, it would remain uninhabitable for the people currently there.

Ten long years did the south fight back against Untar. However, no combination of magic or hard work could bring back the lands the Untar road over. The tide was against them and coming was a desolate future of slavery, torture and death. A plan was decided between the three nations; they’d take to the seas and chance the unknown than be in Untar’s hands. The front lines held out for a year while every tree was chopped down and every man took to building ships. Thousands of ships set sail off the southern coast. Many of the population couldn’t, or wouldn’t, be joining them. Either way, Untar won the south but found many cities already empty or already burned down already. They cared very little for the escapees. The south would no longer hinder their conquests of the rest of the continent and they still gained many slaves and new soldiers from those left behind.

Over the course of 6 or so months many ships were lost to the forces of the sea or to sickness. Everyone experienced lost love ones and the sadness upon deck was palpable. It was luck or fate that guided a small handful of ships into the peaceful bay of an unknown land. The warm, golden beaches were inviting and the lack of towns or structure along the coast hinted at a possible untapped resource. They named it New Kestria, in honor of what was left behind, and as a mixture of human and fae they begun to rebuild.

The town of Haven was first established, built from the very ships they sailed on. There would be no more voyaging. This was now their new home and they prayed they would thrive in the future to come.

Adventures in New Kestria